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Star Trek: The Original Series</a><br> by <a href='/profile/TrekkieKim/'>TrekkieKim_Admin</a>
Members: 29
A gathering place for 'Old School' Trekkies!
Eighties SciFi TV & Cinema</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Charlie_Admin/'>Charlie_Admin</a>
Members: 25
Covering TV shows and Movies from the great 80's!All SciFi, all the time!
Battlestar Galactica</a><br> by <a href='/profile/TrekkieKim/'>TrekkieKim_Admin</a>
Members: 23
A group for fans of both the original series and the re-imagined version.
Modern SciFi </a><br> by <a href='/profile/Charlie_Admin/'>Charlie_Admin</a>
Members: 22
70's Sci Fi</a><br> by <a href='/profile/TrekkieKim/'>TrekkieKim_Admin</a>
Members: 21
There was TONS of great (albeit cheesy) SciFi offerings in the 70''s a place to be a geek AND wear polyester!
Star Trek Movies</a><br> by <a href='/profile/TrekkieKim/'>TrekkieKim_Admin</a>
Members: 21
Here's the place for everyone to discuss and share info and photos from all the Star Trek Movies
Star Trek: The Next Generation</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Charlie_Admin/'>Charlie_Admin</a>
Members: 19
Dedicated to TNG fans!
DOCTOR WHO FANS OF FC</a><br> by <a href='/profile/BenJGrimm/'>BenJGrimm</a>
Members: 18
Fans of the longest running science fiction show of all time gather around the time-lord known as The Doctor!
Star Trek: Enterprise</a><br> by <a href='/profile/TrekkieKim/'>TrekkieKim_Admin</a>
Members: 18
A place to hang out for all of us who LOVE our 'Enterprise'!!!
Starship Farragut</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Gary/'>Gary</a>
Members: 14
For fans of the Starship Farragut live action and animated episodes
The Comic Shop</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Abdullah-the-Mad_Mod/'>Abdullah the Bitcher</a>
Members: 14
This is the place for Four Color discussion and fun...just like in your local comic shop!
Alien Anthology</a><br> by <a href='/profile/FanCentral/'>FanCentral</a>
Members: 7
All things from the Alien movie franchise
All Things...TERMINATOR!</a><br> by <a href='/profile/BGN-Firehawk/'>BGN Firehawk</a>
Members: 3
Movies, series, books & comics
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November's Puzzles Are Here
Posted by Ken

Here is the link to November's puzzles:

I'm sorry to say that this may be the last set of puzzles unless I can come up with some more crosswords.

November's Puzzles
Posted by Ken

A link for November's puzzles will be posted tomorrow.


October's Puzzles
Posted by Ken

The crossword, Sudoku and word search puzzles are no longer posted here at Fan Central.  However, you can access the puzzles via this link:

Happy solving!

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